Blackout182 · 21/01/2021

Welcome back travellers!

Just an update for you all on what is happening in this fine January.

Development has started on the game in Godot and we are finding it to be much better suited to what we are trying to achieve. We have almost the same level of fidelity with regards to physics and transitions as what we had in Unity and it has only been 7 days!

We spent some time getting our basic movement feeling right between the characters. I should probably also mention that we have all three characters working and we are able to switch between them. This is done by creating three scenes that contain all of the character specific behaviour that gets attached and detached from the player node as cycled.

The animations function off a custom state machine I built in GDScript. While the AnimationTree node that comes with Godot is great, it blocks a lot of the functionality such as signals and the ability to call methods from an animation. My state machine is class based and functions well for the same purpose but does not block these features. If anyone shows any interest, I would be happy to share the source code for it. For that matter, that is true of anything I produce.

We were able to create a simple fade effect and transition between levels. Levels themselves are simply nodes that a singleton manager attaches and detaches from the root node. I am not sure if this is the best method of doing so as I am quite new to this system, but it does seem to function well for now.

I think in the future I would prefer to publish these blogs as videos so stay tuned for next month's updates!